We make extraordinary puppet shows!

Puppetry is a special type of theatre in which the puppeteer brings an inanimate object to life. Elk Puppets uses the art of puppetry and combines storytelling and entertainment into one extraordinary show. We provide high quality, affordable puppet shows suitable for children ages 3-12 years. 
Our Story:

Elk Puppets is founded by school teacher Chris Elkington (B.Ed). Chris has been has been performing to schools and organisations for a number of years. His passion for puppetry began at a very early age, performing with his family at nursing homes and Christmas events. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education in 2009, Chris began to take his puppets into classrooms and other settings. Since then, Chris has conducted puppet workshops, performed at camps, conferences, festivals and for schools. 

In late 2018, Elk Puppets was officially launched with a website and social media to promote shows and connect with the local communities. Chris is a member of UNIMA Australia, the Australian branch of UNIMA, the Union Internationale de la Marionnette (International Puppetry Association). He has also the authored of two picture books, published in 2013.

Our Puppets:

Chris has a large collection of puppets. From cultural puppets, marionettes to 'Muppet' style puppets. Chris specialises in hand puppetry with over 50 colourful monsters, talking animals, human hand-puppets and other comedic personalities. Elk Puppets have created its own custom characters such as the Incredible Calvin, Kubu the magical Zebra, Fizz, The White Rabbit and The Bubble Gum Bird just to name a few. We choose Melbourne based puppet company Sonshine Puppets to assist us in designing our cast.  

Our shows:

Elk Puppets present all your childhood favourites such as traditional fairy tales, nursery rhymes with a twist and shows for different seasons of the year all magically come to life in our story theatre. Productions include 'Santa's Puppet Adventure', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Jack & Jill's Adventure', 'Mary's Little Lamb goes to school' and many more! We even create stories based on history and values such as courage. Check out our amazing show list below. There's over 20 shows to choose from.  

Show List May 2019.pdf Show List May 2019.pdf
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Do you run workshops?

Yes, our workshops include learning about different types of puppets from around the world, hands on puppet training and mastering script writing. Puppet Workshops are especially great for kids aged 10-13 years. We have also presented workshops to groups of staff as a team building experience. 

What to expect:

Shows are always entertaining with a story, game and interactive moments. Suitable for children and grown ups. We have professional puppet theatre that is portable with sound equipment and music. Our set up time is 20 minutes with performances ranging from 20-50 minutes depending on your request. It's something unique and different, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

What are the costs?

Our pricing guide is in the PDF below. 

Pricing May-June 19.pdf Pricing May-June 19.pdf
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What type of space do you require?

Our professional puppet theatre has a height of 1.8 metres and a length of 2.4 metres. We also require 1-2 metres behind the stage to set up our puppets and microphones. Elk Puppets can bring PA equipment. We ask that the space is a flat surface (carpet, asphalt and artificial grasses are fine). Elk Puppets can perform outdoors (weather permitting). 

Do you align with school curriculum?

Yes, we are able to tailor shows to your needs. Elk Puppets will ensure that it meet your expectations and curriculum outcomes. We suggest that you get in contact with us and arrange a time for a discussion on your event and what you would like your students to achieve.

Insurance, ABN & Child Safety

We have insurance through 'Duck for Cover Entertainment' and are a registered business ABN number 19 746 494 410.

Elk Puppets cares for the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We have a duty of care to our audience. Elk Puppets endeavours to provide safe and empowering shows respecting cultural diversity, backgrounds and the needs of others. Team members have current Working with Children Checks & teacher registrations.   

You can contact Elk Puppets at chris@elkinspired.com.au or visit us at facebook.com/elkpuppets

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